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Highlights with topics considered important with the aim of promoting debates and decision-making in the field of tobacco control. In this edition, the agenda is about: updating legislation on electronic smoking devices (DEF) in Brazil. The Resolution of the Collegiate Board - RDC No. 855, of April 23, 2024, maintains the prohibition of manufacturing, importing, selling, distributing, storing, transporting and advertising these devices and other news about interference by the tobacco industry.


KORNALEWSKI, Alex Medeiros; CARVALHO, Alexandre Octavio Ribeiro de; BARATA, Danielle; HASSELMANN, Luis Guilherme; TURCI, Silvana Rubano. Destaques do Observatório sobre as Estratégias da Indústria do Tabaco. Cetab/Ensp/Fiocruz, Rio de Janeiro, maio, 2024. Acesso em: 29 maio 2024.