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The Global Index Tobacco Industry Interference is a worldwide survey of how public policy is protected from tobacco industry conflicts of interest and how governments have protected themselves agains such influence. 


Índice de interferência da indústria do tabaco. ACT PROMOÇÃO DA SAÙDE; CENTRO DE ESTUDOS SOBRE TABACO E SAÚDE. Rio de Janeiro, 2023. 75p.



Corporate social responsibility actions (CSR) are measures and values adopted by companies to enhance their image in society. According to numerous studies, when developed by the tobacco industry (IT), these actions end up being characterized more by their interference in public health than by their commitment to society.




Some tobacco companies make financial donations or contributions to the community, health, welfare, or environmental organizations directly or through other entities. The disclosure of these corporate “socially responsible” activities to the public might be considered commendable. However, its likely effect is to directly or indirectly promote tobacco products.